Announcement: liquidity mining launch date is extended until community consensus

Dear Ringers!

Thanks for your tremendous support since we officially launched Ring Prototol mainnet on 5/31! After that, we have received numerous feedbacks from the community. Among them, one primary voice is the contract audit progress. In fact, the team had concluded contract audit with 00sec, and the contract is graded with ‘Safe’. We understand that the community wants the protocol to be battle-tested before joining the force. And the team also seeks to bootstrap Ring Protocol with strong trust from the community. We values community’s voices greatly. Thus, after careful consideration, we decide to postpone the liquidity mining program ( originally scheduled at 6/4) until we reach consensus from the community for launch. Please subscribe our twitter or medium channel for further notice.

Note that, above change doesn’t impact any of the launched product and future roadmaps. Ring protocol is still securely up running on the Ethereum mainnet. User can mint and swap RUSD anytime. Team is actively working on new features. What’s amazing is that within three days since the mainnet live, RUSD pool has ranked 15th on Uniswap V3, and there is already $3M RUSD deposited in the stake mining pool even before the pool open. We truly appreciate the community awarded trust❤️. The team is devoted to live up to the expectation and give more back to the community and DeFi ecosystem in the future.

The bug bounty program is ongoing. And we welcome developers and partners around the world to build with us for scarce yet important legitimacy for Ring Protocol.

Thanks for all your trust and support!

- Ring Labs



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