One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them…


A native decentralized stablecoin has long been the crown jewels of the decentralized finance (Defi) world with many attempts. However, similar to the impossible trinity of a public blockchain, decentralization, scalability, and security have become the impossible trinity for stablecoins where most predecessors can only struggle to cover two. Here we propose Ring Protocol with its governance token RING, a decentralized pegged asset protocol that strikes a balance in the impossible trinity of stablecoin. The Ring Protocol…

Dear Ringers!

Thanks for your tremendous support since we officially launched Ring Prototol mainnet on 5/31! After that, we have received numerous feedbacks from the community. Among them, one primary voice is the contract audit progress. In fact, the team had concluded contract audit with 00sec, and the contract is graded with ‘Safe’. We understand that the community wants the protocol to be battle-tested before joining the force. And the team also seeks to bootstrap Ring Protocol with strong trust from the community. We values community’s voices greatly. Thus, after careful consideration, we decide to postpone the liquidity mining program…

Start Mint RUSD Today

Mainnet Launch Today! Start Mint RUSD Now!

We’re thrilled to announce that Ring Protocol has been deployed to Ethereum Mainnet, and the Ring App is live at! All the relevant contact addresses can be found here, the notable token contract is listed below for convenience.

RUSD: 0x1036c90a7dea8a392901147870f74a40af812bb4

RING: 0xf83ed9be1241e84e2fe8b6c9109e492103e5eb17

Ring protocol is a yield compounding stablecoin protocol on Uniswap V3, designed like ‘One Ring to rule them all.’ It launches an RUSD stablecoin that is fully pegged on a basket of existing stablecoins and simultaneously enables stable swap liquidity pools.

The protocol’s vision is to provide 10x better transaction cost, and liquidity depth compares to existing…


The user guide provides details on step by step tutorial for staking RUSD and earn RING governance tokens. For the Mint RUSD tutorial, please refer here.

Stake RUSD to earn RING

Staking RUSD to mine RING will be launch on Jun.4th at 12:40 PM PST (Jun.4th at 7:40 PM GMT). However, users can start staking NOW via Ring App “Stake“ UI to enjoy immediate rewards once the pool starts.

The staking pool is for RUSD single asset (no impermanent loss). For the genesis allocation, 10% of the total RING supply is reserved for staking reward, which will decrease linearly in two years. …


The user guide provides details on step by step tutorial for following Mint RUSD. For the Staking tutorial, please refer to the stake and earn user guide.

Ring Protocol Mint UI


Users can start mint RUSD by depositing DAI / USDC / USDT assets via Ring App ( Any deposit goes to Ring Protocol’s bonding curve for price discovery, and at the same time, the protocol will increase the liquidity depth of the corresponding stable pool on Uniswap V3.

RUSD is fully pegged by the basket of supported stablecoin assets, and the price is kept at peg by protocols reweighting (when below the…


Ring Protocol believes that open source, on-chain protocols benefit from community member participation in testing and debugging the smart contracts. As the launch of Ring Protocol, it is beneficial to formalize the program incentivizing those dedicated security engineers who can help make Ring Protocol safer (the “Program”). All bug reports please email to!


This Program is limited to the vulnerabilities affecting the Ring Protocol contract in the following contract groups. All contract addresses can be found here.

  • BondingCurve
  • Core
  • Genesis
  • Oracle
  • PCV

The following are not within the scope of the Program:

  • The example contracts and the contracts in…


The article compared Ring Protocol and Curve in various dimensions and laid out Ring Protocol’s advantages.

  • Price Mechanism: Ring Protocol swap price is guaranteed in extreme cases leveraging the advancement of the Uniswap v3 concentrated liquidity curve.
  • Liquidity Provider’s benefits: The Ring Protocol provides all benefits that Curve provides and also preserves capital for utility and trading alternatives.
  • Horizontal Scalability: Ring Protocol is built to scale to any ERC20 crypto assets and the extension can be done within minutes. The protocol auto-balances via a build-in mechanism and ‘one ring to rule them all’ asset RUSD.

By analyzing current stats, Ring…

Ring Labs

One Ring to rule them all — Yield Compounding Stablecoin Protocol on Uniswap V3

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